50 Tablets

1mg Per Tablet

Anabolic Agent for Systemic use

IMPORTANT: For oral ingestion only. Use as Prescribed


Introducing HD LABS KETOTIFEN, your trusted ally in managing allergy symptoms and promoting respiratory health, conveniently packaged into 50 tablets, each containing a precise 1mg of Ketotifen.

Harness the Power of Ketotifen

Ketotifen, the active ingredient in KETOTIFEN, is celebrated for its antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties. It's a valuable tool for individuals seeking relief from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

Breathe Easier and Relieve Allergies

KETOTIFEN empowers you to breathe more comfortably and alleviate the discomfort of allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itching, and congestion. It provides much-needed relief from seasonal and environmental allergies.

Support Respiratory Health

KETOTIFEN is known for its ability to help manage asthma symptoms and promote better lung function. It can be a crucial component of a comprehensive respiratory health plan.

Effortless Dosing, Maximum Relief

With each tablet precisely dosed at 1mg, KETOTIFEN offers a user-friendly approach to allergy relief and respiratory support. Say goodbye to complicated treatments—KETOTIFEN allows you to focus on your well-being with ease.

Reimagine Your Allergy Relief with KETOTIFEN

HD LABS KETOTIFEN is your reliable partner in managing allergies and supporting respiratory health. Whether you're dealing with seasonal allergies or asthma, KETOTIFEN provides the support you need.

Don't let allergies and respiratory issues hold you back—elevate your comfort and redefine your well-being with HD LABS KETOTIFEN!