Clomiphene Citrate

50 Tablets

75mg Per Tablet

Anabolic Agent for Systemic use

IMPORTANT: For oral ingestion only. Use as Prescribed


Introducing HD LABS CLOMID, your trusted ally in optimizing fertility and hormonal health, conveniently packaged into 50 tablets, each containing a precise 75mg of Clomiphene Citrate.

Harness the Benefits of Clomiphene Citrate

Clomiphene Citrate, the active ingredient in CLOMID, is renowned for its ability to stimulate ovulation in women and boost testosterone production in men. It's a valuable tool for individuals seeking to improve fertility and address hormonal imbalances.

Restore Hormonal Harmony

Whether you're aiming to enhance fertility or rebalance your hormones, CLOMID empowers you to achieve and maintain the ideal hormonal equilibrium, promoting overall well-being.

Optimize Your Fertility

For women, CLOMID can help stimulate ovulation, increasing the chances of conception. For men, it can enhance testosterone production, improving reproductive health and vitality.

Effortless Dosing, Maximum Convenience

With each tablet precisely dosed at 75mg, CLOMID offers a user-friendly approach to fertility and hormonal optimization. There's no need for invasive procedures or complicated treatments—CLOMID makes it easy to take control of your reproductive and hormonal health.

Reimagine Your Wellness with CLOMID

HD LABS CLOMID is your reliable partner in optimizing fertility and hormonal balance. Whether you're striving to start a family or seeking to address hormonal issues, CLOMID provides the support you need.

Don't compromise on your fertility and hormonal well-being—elevate your health and redefine your balance with HD LABS CLOMID!